Herbalist Alicia Allison with an Aloe Vera plant


Western Herbalist & EDUCATOR



Lover of local farms and all things wild. 

Alicia brings a vast and varied wealth of knowledge to her practice and feels especially called to empower people through the transformative experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. As a postpartum chef and doula, Alicia creates wholesome meals inspired by various traditions and the vibrant NYC farm-to-table scene.  The energetic philosophies of Ayurveda, western herbal traditions and whole foods nutrition have been an integral part of her own healing and holistic exploration.  Known for her nourishing soups and stews and the inclusion of fresh healing herbs and spices, Alicia’s herbcraft is layered into all of her cooking. She believes that food is our greatest nourisher and our primary medicine and that eating the right foods throughout pregnancy, postpartum and all of life brings more ease, strength and peace to one’s existence.  Alicia’s practice is inclusive, non-judgmental and supportive of all families.  She is also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice.

Alicia’s handcrafted herbal teas have been sold at the The Brooklyn Flea and her work as a postpartum herbalist has been featured in the premier botanical magazine, Garden Collage.  She regularly holds corporate herbal and wellness workshops and has been a speaker at wellness fairs with companies such as Warner Music.

In addition to her work with new and expecting families she teaches private alignment-based yoga, offers herbal consultations and education and consults on projects as a wellness educator and innovator. 

She is based in Brooklyn, NY and has over fifteen years of experience in the healing arts.


“My love of plants began early; as a child you could regularly find me foraging for wild strawberries, swinging from trees and collecting dandelions flowers from cracks in pavement.  Growing up in suburban New Jersey in the 1980′s however most people considered dandelions pesky nuisances to be weed whacked, not the bits of wonder I found them to be, let alone something consumed for healing.  It was not until fifteen years later that I first turned to plants for health purposes.  In the midst of a personal health crisis I started practicing yoga and my life and attitude about what I put on and in my body changed completely.  Yoga inspired me to seek out alternative and natural ways to care for myself; studies in herbalism, Ayurveda and nutrition followed naturally.

I then moved from New York City to Southeast Asia.  The streets of my neighborhood were lined with all sorts of herb shops selling dried roots, berries and barks.  Inspired by the local herb scene, I set up a make-shift kitchen on my open air balcony and created my first home apothecary.  It contained an interesting mix of western herbs brought from home and local remedies: chrysanthemum flowers and lemongrass, chamomile and valerian, goji berries, jasmine, ginseng, licorice and echinacea.  My health improved and I felt more connected to the nature that was all around me. When I returned home to New York, I became a yoga teacher and began formal studies in Western Herbalism.  Herbalism & Ayurveda led me to birth-work and soon there-after I became a birth and postpartum doula and a private chef focusing on health and healing.

Through my experiences with the healing arts, I have found a way of living that is lighter and more joyous because it is aligned with the natural rhythms of our planet.  I created Clover and Timothy to share this way of living and to inspire people to come together in protecting our health, our children and the health our planet for future generations.”

~ Alicia