"Do not think of yourself as a small, compressed, suffering thing.  Think of yourself as graceful and expanding, however unlikely it may seem." 

BKS Iyengar, Light on Life


Aches and pains.  We all have them.  Some of us have them in our head, some of us have them in our spine, some of us have them in our pinky toe.

As an herbalist I look at pain as a signal, a way for the body to communicate that something is out of harmony.  In this light pain can be seen as illuminating; it teaches us about ourselves and points us in the direction toward healing and growth.  

Not all pain is curable, though some is.  Not all pain is definable, though some is.  Some pain is muscular, some pain is structural and a great deal of pain is emotional.  There is no magic pill for pain ~ herbal or otherwise ~ but there are many plants that we can work with to manage pain and heal the parts of us that are out of balance.

When my yoga mentor and teacher Deborah Wolk asked me to present a workshop on this subject at Samamkaya Yoga where I currently assist, I honestly first felt a bit overwhelmed.  Pain is perhaps the most vague and challenging subject to address.  But I quickly saw a vision of myself in my early twenties, drinking cupfuls of chamomile tea, purchasing valerian root and tossing pain meds down the toilet.  It was very much chronic pain that led me to herbs. 

Before I started practicing yoga and studying plant medicines I relied heavily on pharmaceutical drugs for relief of debilitating migraine headaches.  To deal with them I started taking prescription painkillers at age 12.  At age 22 I found plants and yoga and never returned to that way of living.  It wasn't an overnight solution or a quick fix, nor have I been immune to pain since; no one is.  Plants taught me that healing is possible but that it is also a holistic journey that is ever evolving and ongoing.

It is with great pleasure that I announce this workshop and share this subject with you all at this amazing back-care collective in NYC.


Herbs for pain management in the musculoskeletal system

I am honored to be presenting this special workshop at Samamkaya Yoga in Manhattan where I am currently assisting senior back care teacher & studio founder Deborah Wolk. During this special workshop, I will present plants and herbal preparations that support the health of the musculoskeletal system and assist with muscular and nerve pain, inflammation and healing.  I will discuss the use of internal remedies such as herbal tinctures and infusions as well as the topical use of therapeutic oils, liniments and essential oils.  Basic use of herbal preparations and dosage will be reviewed so that attendees leave feeling confident in their ability to incorporate simple herbal remedies into self-care routines.  There will be an experiential portion of the workshop where attendees will have the opportunity to see, smell and sample a variety of plant remedies.

Samamkaya Yoga - Backcare & Scoliosis Collective, NYC

Thursday Night Holistic Healing Series

December 3, 2015


$35 in advance/$40 day of

For registration details, please email alicia@cloverandtimothy.com



Samamkāya Yoga Back Care & Scoliosis Collective is a therapeutic, worker-owned yoga studio that aims to make yoga accessible and healing to students of all ages and abilities who are living with back injuries, chronic/acute pain, differently shaped spines/bodies, scoliosis and spinal fusions.