"Having Alicia visit and cook for us postpartum was an absolute dream come true. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Her food is absolutely delicious -- truly good food, and very healthy and wholesome too -- and Alicia herself has a wonderful, warm, and calming energy. Having her in our home for long afternoons, offering an empathetic ear and gentle advice while cooking, was such a warming, healing, supportive experience. I highly highly recommend working with Alicia postpartum!"

Meredith K.

“Alicia's warm, supportive, encouraging, calm, and joyful presence in our space during such a sacred and private time for our family was amazing. Her food was truly the most nourishing and delicious that I've ever had! I felt such a deep sense of well-being when eating her food. We loved working with her and highly recommend her!!!”

Julia Fuller-Kling

“The weeks following labour and delivery are a sacred time for a family. Alicia held this space with warmth and tenderness and helped ease my transition into motherhood. She offered comfort and love as well as practical support during the difficult, early postpartum period. Alicia supported me directly by cooking DELICIOUS meals; doing body work; and teaching me postnatal movement. In addition, she gave me invaluable information regarding breastfeeding that ultimately shaped my ability to breastfeed my daughter comfortably. Alicia was a wealth of knowledge that I would recommend to all postpartum parents!”

Danni A.

Alicia provides much more than home cooked, nutritious, customized and delicious meals that are appropriate for the prenatal and/or postpartum periods. She brings into the home a warm, quiet and calming energy at a time when families need it most, whether you already have children and are welcoming a new baby or you’re first time parents. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding the best foods and herbs for new mothers as well as other family members. Most importantly, she meets you where you are. In other words, if you want advice and guidance, she generously provides it, but if you just want to chat, sleep or play with your baby, then she lets you be in your space. I wish all families with newborns could have someone like Alicia in their lives. I had a full house at times: in addition to my toddler, baby and husband, my mother and mother in law were often around and everyone loved Alicia!'“


“I don't know what we would have done without Alicia's cooking. The early weeks of caring for our newborn left us with little time to prepare nutritious meals. This is where Alicia was instrumental in feeding us!! She provided lots of delicious options each week, and came once a week to our apartment to prepare everything. Whenever she was over, she also took the time to get to know us and the baby. For parents-to-be that don't have close family near by who can prepare amazing meals for the week,  I strongly recommend hiring Alicia! She also has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share on postpartum care which moms will find invaluable.” 

Tom Antonio Davidson

"I wish I could be postpartum again - if only to experience more of Alicia's cooking! In all seriousness, though, hiring her was one of the best decisions I could have made. After my first child (sans Alicia), I was so drained that I could barely take care of my baby let alone myself. Desperate for things to be different with my second child, I hired Alicia, on a friend's recommendation, for two months. Her cooking helped me to feel nourished and healthy and whole. Thanks to her lactation-targeted recipes and teas, I had way less of an issue with my milk supply (which relieved a lot of stress) and truly felt like someone was taking care of me and empowering me to be able to take care of my baby. And, because her food is truly AMAZING, my husband and my toddler looked forward to all of her meals (another stress reliever!). We all still dream about her chicken soup!"


When my birth doula first introduced me to Alicia, I was looking for someone to help me directly with the baby (i.e. how to latch, help with sleep, etc.) However, after my first conversation with Alicia as she spoke about her cooking expertise, a lightbulb went off. I have a number of health issues and have worked over several years to change my diet and really take care of myself. I knew once the baby arrived that keeping my diet clean would be paramount to keeping me, and therefore my baby, healthy. We didn't hesitate to hire her and I was so glad we did for both my pregnancies.

Alicia’s meals were so delicious, healthy and nourishing - exactly what I needed after being depleted by both pregnancies. I love that she came in with great recipes and knowledge of foods that were ideal for post partum (something we don't hear enough about!). But I also loved that she collaborated with me on creating a weekly menu.”

Caroline A.

I saw a significant drop in my maternal confidence and milk production when my baby was admitted to the hospital on his fifth day of life.  With Alicia's guidance and care and with her nourishing teas, food and comforting words, I experienced an increase in milk supply, regained stability in breastfeeding and enjoyed peace of mind.  

Jennifer R. Bridges, RN

Alicia will always hold a special place in our family and our memories of baby Arthur’s journey into this world. It all started with Alicia’s prenatal yoga classes and the discovery through that of her skills as a post-partum doula. As an ex-pat family with no other relatives even remotely close by I was very interested in any help! But for me particularly I was concerned about prioritizing my own nutrition post birth, as I knew that would be crucial for my own healing and also my ability to feed and nurture my baby. We got in Alicia a post-partum chef for the whole family. And oh wow, we really enjoyed her food and all of the teas. It has changed the way we cook and eat forever. If you need an empirical example, my “blood iron” levels went from 6 post birth (anaemic) to 11 (great) in 10 weeks without any medical intervention. I felt so much better!

Above and beyond that, Alicia’s weekly presence in our household was an absolute blessing, it was about so much more than the food.  She was 100% sensitive to our needs and wants, gave me much needed and very valuable permission to simply rest and enjoy my baby, was there for company and friendship and humor if needed, witnessed the witching hour and had helpful advice on settling and feeding but also knew when to step out. The scents of her cooking helped our little apartment feel like a home and we wish she was still here with us!!!

The healthcare system in the US (no matter how fabulous your insurance) for some reason does not seem to have a focus on the mother’s recovery post-partum. Alicia’s services help immensely in filling that gap and the benefits to us were very clear, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.”

Isabel S.